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Meet our third-generation autonomous vehicle.
Built to better everyday life—for everyone.



Plenty of space.

Ergonomically designed compartments hold almost 500 lbs of groceries. And everything is easily accessible with the help of a beautiful, intuitive touchscreen.


Heating and cooling capability.

An innovative HVAC system keeps food cool or hot. With separate inserts, pizza stays warm while soda stays cool.


Customizable compartments.

Inserts can mix and match for new applications & experience, such as mobile marketplaces or hot coffee dispensing. Hundreds of possibilities can have customized rides.



Fully electric fleet.

We care about the planet. Our completely electric, zero-emission vehicles are designed for a full day of operation from a single charge. We use 100% renewable electricity from wind farms in Texas to power our fleet and to reduce our overall carbon footprint.


Ethically sourced components.

Nuro employs industry best practices to manage an ethical and environmentally conscious supply chain—and our suppliers respect the personal dignity, privacy, and human rights of their workers.



Innovative safety.

We turned safety inside-out. An industry-first external airbag and collapsible front end are designed to reduce injuries in the event of collision.

Our new vehicle is also designed to have a smaller footprint than a typical sedan, which gives bicyclists and pedestrians more room to maneuver alongside the bot.


Robust sensor suite.

Cameras, radar, lidar, and thermal cameras provide a detailed, multilayered 360º view of the world to detect anything from pets to foliage.

And our sensors clean themselves to retain sensitivity throughout the day.

Pre-production underway.

Nuro's family of vehicles.

Our on-road fleet is made up of three autonomous vehicles. Each vehicle has its own role to play in our strategic approach to deployment.

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