Nuro Marquee Technology


We’re reimagining local delivery.

It’s time for robots to do the driving.

Our custom autonomous delivery vehicles are designed to drive in neighborhoods. And because they only carry goods, they prioritize the safety of others. It’s a safer, smarter approach to everyday errands.

Technology advantage.

Small on purpose.

Small vehicles make a big difference. Our narrow vehicle allows for better passive and dynamic safety. This could help prevent pedestrian fatalities on roads.

And, since our vehicles only carry goods, we can turn safety innovation inside out, shifting our focus to protecting those outside the vehicle.

A smarter stack.

The R2 features 360° cameras, as well as Lidar, short and long-range radar, and ultrasonic sensors. We combine that advanced hardware with a robust autonomy stack that includes mapping, localization, perception, and prediction.

The result is a rich representation of the road without any blind spots.

Intelligent production.

We use basic components when they make sense and craft custom components when needed. That allows us to build the best system without being limited by the constraints of existing vehicles.

Our approach allows us to deploy and iterate quickly to create safe autonomous solutions as quickly as possible.

On roads today.

R2 is one of the most commercially and technically mature autonomous vehicles in the world. We’ve partnered with leading retail brands and are continuously testing our fleet for the benefit of customers, businesses, and communities.

Safe, driverless delivery.

Nuro prioritizes safety with every design and technology decision we make. Learn more about our safety measures and processes.

Our robots are human powered.

Work where robotics meets
everyday life.

We harness the power of robotics to make everyday life a little easier, starting with AV delivery. If improving lives through technology is what gets you out of bed in the morning, we want you on our team.

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