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Reimagining local delivery.


It’s time for robots 

to do the driving.

Our custom autonomous delivery vehicles are designed to drive in neighborhoods. And because they only carry goods, they prioritize the safety of others. It’s a safer, smarter approach to everyday errands.

Best in class Autonomy.

Learn more about our autonomy stack from our Head of Autonomy, Albert Meixner.

Technology advantage.

Small on purpose.
Small vehicles make a big difference. Our narrow vehicles allow for better passive and dynamic safety. This helps prevent pedestrian fatalities on roads. And, since our vehicles only carry goods, we can turn safety innovations inside out, shifting our focus to protecting those outside the vehicle.
A smarter stack.
Our vehicles feature 360° and thermal cameras, as well as lidar and radar for a rich representation of the road. We build our own HD maps, and our AV stack combines engineered and machine-learned components for scalability and redundancy. Everything is backed by a redundant collision prevention system.
Intelligent production.
We make smart decisions and develop custom components when it enhances the performance of our vehicles. That allows us to build the best platform for goods delivery without being limited by the constraints of existing vehicles.

Nuro's family
of vehicles.

Our on-road fleet is made up of three autonomous vehicles. Each vehicle has its own role to play in our strategic approach to deployment.

On roads today.

Our vehicles are on-road today in Houston, Silicon Valley, and Los Angeles.

Safe, driverless delivery.

Nuro prioritizes safety in our design and technology decision-making. Learn more about our safety measures and processes.


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We use 100% renewable electricity from wind farms in Texas to power both our battery-electric vehicles and our facilities.

A transformational service starts with a custom vehicle.