World-class autonomy.


Powered by the Nuro Driver™, our autonomous technology consists of cutting-edge, ML-first software and custom-built sense and compute.

Proven driverless deployment.
The Nuro Driver™ is one of the only driverless autonomous technologies in the world that is on roads today. We’ve successfully deployed our vehicles across three different states.
AI-driven approach.
Machine learning
Designed to learn and improve through data, the Nuro Driver™ runs on our ML-first perception and behavior system.
Safety first approach.
The Nuro Driver™ is designed for safety through redundant systems like rules-based checks on our ML system and a backup parallel autonomy stack.

Meet the Nuro Driver™.

Nuro Driver™ Software.


ML-first system leveraging scalable low-cost SD and HD maps, unsupervised training for reliable localization, and learned robustness to real-world changes.

Autonomy explained.

Learn more about our autonomy stack from our VP of Software, Albert Meixner

Nuro Driver™ Hardware.


Cameras, lidar, and radars with proprietary sensor cleaning for all-weather performance.

Nuro's family
of vehicles.

Our on-road fleet is made up of three autonomous vehicle platforms, all powered by the Nuro Driver™. Each vehicle has its own role to play in our strategic approach to deployment.

On roads today.

Our vehicles are on-road today in the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles, CA and Houston, TX.