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Prioritizing your safety.


Our safety program.

A rigorous safety program underpins every part of our company, from hardware and software to testing, systems engineering, and operations.

Custom-built Vehicles.
Our custom zero-occupant vehicle is built for safety. High-performance sensors allow for a 360° field of view. Built-in redundancies for all safety-critical systems provide an extra layer of protection. A narrow width allows the vehicle to share the road with bicyclists. And we even added an external air bag to protect other road users.
Safer Software.
We develop our software to ensure our vehicles behave safely in autonomous mode. We have a reliable, distributed computational network capable of processing millions of decisions per second. And we developed our autonomy architecture to have redundancy throughout, so that our vehicle has no single point of failure—there are safeguards for everything.
Rigorous Testing.
Our testing programs cover real world, simulated, and synthetic testing to create a deployment approach informed by high-quality data. We collect data and test our vehicles in our deployment environments as well as in closed course settings, to ensure we are testing our vehicles in challenging situations.
Verification and Validation.
Systems Engineering
We conduct rigorous verification and validation testing to ensure our integrated hardware and software work together for maximum performance, safety, and reliability. Before deploying, we evaluate our vehicles’ performance across all of our testing modalities to ensure we meet the rigorous requirements of our safety case.
Responsible Fleet Operations.
From fleet maintenance to operator training and validation, we’ve established a strict set of standards to ensure we operate our vehicles in a safe manner. We work closely with our partners, end customers, local responders, and all of our teams to ensure safety is built-in and top-of-mind.

Hear from our CTO, Andrew Clare, and our Head of Software Systems Engineering, Sreeja Roy Singh, to learn more about our rigorous testing and safety processes that ensure our vehicles operate safely on road.

Elements of safety.

Learn how we addressed each of the 12 focus areas for self-driving vehicle companies from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.