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Prioritizing your safety.


Carrying goods, protecting people.

Because Nuro will never carry passengers, it is designed to prioritize the safety of other drivers, pedestrians, bikers, and all other road users.

Pedestrian safety.
We turned safety inside-out. An industry-first external airbag and collapsable front end on the Nuro are designed to reduce injuries in the event of collision.
Small on purpose.
Our new vehicle is designed to have a smaller footprint than a typical sedan, which gives bicyclists and pedestrians more room to maneuver.
Reducing risk.
For every mile of driving replaced by a zero-occupant vehicle, the risk of fatality or injury can be reduced by approximately 60% compared to passenger vehicles.

Hear from our CTO, Andrew Clare, and our Head of Software Systems Engineering, Sreeja Roy Singh, to learn more about our rigorous testing and safety processes that ensure our vehicles operate safely on road.

Elements of safety.

Learn how we addressed each of the 12 focus areas for self-driving vehicle companies from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.