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Nuro has the potential to improve daily life for millions of people by delivering safer streets, a healthier planet, and more equitable access to goods.

Progress delivered.

Nuro Driver™ applied across 7 vehicle platforms.

AV to receive NHTSA-approved exemption.

Six leading brands who are trusted partners.


Autonomous miles driven with zero at-fault incidents.

A team worth celebrating.

The quality of our team is Nuro’s proudest accomplishment to date—and we’re honored others have taken notice.

Our founders.

Jiajun Zhu
Co-Founder and CEO
Prior to founding Nuro, Jiajun was a principal software engineer at Google and one of the founding team members of the company’s self-driving program—now known as Waymo. In addition to leading the project’s perception team, he also helped build and lead their simulation efforts. Jiajun earned his Master’s and Bachelor’s degree in computer science from the University of Virginia and Fudan University respectively. Jiajun has been awarded over 100 patents.
Dave Ferguson
Co-Founder and President
Prior to founding Nuro, Dave was a principal engineer on Google’s self-driving program, now known as Waymo. He built and led the computer vision, machine learning, behavior prediction, and scene understanding teams. He also led the planning group for Carnegie Mellon University's team that won the DARPA Urban Grand Challenge in 2007. Dave holds an MS and PhD in Robotics from Carnegie Mellon and a Bachelor’s in CS and Mathematics from the University of Otago. Dave holds over 100 patents and has published over 60 academic papers.

Our leadership team.

Our investors.

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Hours saved in travel time through delivery-focused autonomous vehicles.

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Lower risk of a fatality or injury for every mile replaced by a zero-occupant vehicle, according to research by VTTI.

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We harness the power of robotics to make everyday life a little easier. We’re starting with AV delivery. If improving lives through technology is what gets you out of bed in the morning, we want you on our team.