Early career

Launch your career at Nuro.

Solve complex problems and build extraordinary things.

We look for future leaders from diverse backgrounds and majors, who want to make a measurable impact on our product and business operations. Join us in our mission to build robots and improve lives.

Pathfinders Internship Program

Round out your education and jump-start your career.

Nuro’s internship program is designed to give you meaningful work experience while applying the knowledge and skills you have earned in the classroom.

Be mentored

You will be partnered with a manager and mentor who will provide guidance and direction throughout the internship. You will also have access to the entire Nuro employee community to ensure your success.

Own a project

You will be assigned to a specific project that is based on your interest and expertise. Alongside your mentor, you will be responsible for executing your project and presenting the finished product at the end of your internship.

Hack it out

The Hackathon is an opportunity to showcase your skills by working on projects that are outside of your regular scope. You will work with a team to help Nuro solve software and/or hardware problems that directly relate to our company goals.


Early career perspectives.

As a Nuro employee, you will have the opportunity to make connections with interns and employees across the company and make a quantifiable impact.

Yael Ben Shalom

Northwestern University

Major: Robotics

“I joined Nuro to work on one of the biggest technological challenges—autonomous driving. I’m working with brilliant and collaborative people that help me grow and encourage me to make an impact on the product.”

Shumin Yuan

University of Pennsylvania

Major: Robotics

“This is a place where I get to be surrounded by brilliant and action-oriented people. I can’t describe how thrilling it is to see new ideas being deployed that will make a difference in people’s everyday life.”

Aaron Weldy

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Major: Computer Science

“At Nuro, I collaborate with talented, passionate engineers who enable me to grow every day. I'm impressed by the amount of freedom I have to take on projects, and the level of support I have to accomplish my goals for personal growth."

Michael Wang

UC Berkeley

Major: Computer Science

“At Nuro, I have the privilege to work with amazing people in the pursuit of bringing autonomous delivery to the masses. This is a tough challenge that has not been done before, so we have no automatic right to success and need to earn it.”

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