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Be welcomed, accepted, and valued.

Diversity, Inclusion, & Belonging

Our approach

We have a multidimensional approach to diversity, inclusion, and belonging consisting of four core pillars.

We integrate equity and inclusion throughout all business processes and people systems.
People leaders
We shift mindsets and behavior through coaching, vulnerable conversations and introspection—beginning with managers.
Psychological safety
We build a healthy workplace culture of belonging through empathy and curiosity.
We strive to be thoughtful and inclusive corporate citizens when engaging the world around us.

"Fostering diversity in our team isn’t just the right thing to do; it’s the smart thing to do. Diverse companies are more innovative, more creative, and more easily come up with the world-changing ideas we need for Nuro to succeed. Further, we’re building Nuro to be a company that has a profound positive impact on the world. To do that, we want to build our products and services for everyone. We need a team that’s representative of the people we want to serve: everyone."

—Dave Ferguson, Co-founder & President

Making it count.

Employee Resource Groups


Nuron-led ERGs offer members the opportunity to network while providing a sense of community and belonging.

Majority-minority company


Of our workforce identifies as part of a minority community.

Pay Equity


Of salaries examined during our annual pay equity audit and disparate impact analysis ensuring equitable and fair pay.

“I’m Chinese American and a first-generation immigrant, and I am a proud father to two daughters. I want Nuro to be a company that my two daughters would love to work at when they grow up.”

—Jiajun Zhu, Co-founder & CEO

Belong here.

We encourage participation in community-driven Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) that provide support and allyship at Nuro.

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