Nuro Driver
Release Notes

Q4 2023

Our December release shows better intersection handling, fine-tuned steering and improvements across perception.

New Features & Machine Learned Models Improvements
  • Improved vehicle handling: We've fine-tuned our steering controller, achieving up to 20% improvement in steering tracking at high speeds. This enhancement leads to more responsive, human-like vehicle handling.

  • Better handling of atypical moving objects: By enabling a new perception model, we improved precision by 18.3% and recall by 5.5% for infrequent moving objects like bouncing balls on the road.

  • Improved Intersection Interactions: We've enhanced our intersection logic for better understanding of cross traffic patterns.

1% Better

  • Improving our perception of the world: December was a great month of incremental improvements to our perception stack including improved orientation detection in reversing vehicles by 65% and better detection of objects on steep roads.

  • Improving efficiency in detecting and resolving issues: We've enhanced in-vehicle tooling with new features that allow for better system visualization and health monitoring, including connectivity. This expedites our testing iteration cycles and accelerates our autonomy progress.

Q3 2023